Keyn 2.0

  1. Wouter
  2. co-founder @ Chiff

It’s been a while!

After a very busy period with some nice projects, we’re fully back in business on Keyn! We’d like to give you some insight in the steps we’ve taken up to now. Keyn is almost ready to start another beta test and we want to let you know what’s been changed.

First of all, we started a first beta test around September last year. By the end of the testing period we found out that most people did not really know how to use Keyn exactly. There were some problems downloading the mobile application via Testflight and the installation of the browser extension, for which the Chrome browser needed to be in developer mode. So, we concluded that the onboarding process should be technically easier.

But it should not only be technically easier. We also wanted to create a more intuitive flow. Keyn should be easier to use in practice, and, most importantly, accessible for all websites. Therefore, we cooperated with Just to develop a good user experience together with a nice user interface. We added lots of really cool icons to the app and the browser plugin, which are clarifying all process steps of authenticating on websites.

After all developments, we also did some user tests. Several people installed the app with demo accounts, added new sites to Keyn, logged in, changed passwords and so on, while we watched along to check for improvements. These tests were really helpful in designing and developing this newer version of Keyn and we are really proud of the result.

Besides all these improvements, we started with the development of the Android app, which is almost ready to test as well! Next major things to do are:

  • Adding new features to Keyn
  • Improving the detection of login fields
  • Developing browser extensions for Firefox, Safari and Edge
  • Develop a version for Android

Do you want to try Keyn?

We’d be really happy if you want to help us improve Keyn by testing it. You will have a free premium account if you’re participating, so let’s go and stop forgetting your passwords.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to drop us an email. We're happy to talk to you!

  1. Wouter
  2. co-founder @ Chiff